100 excuses for not learning Dutch

Pacing up and down.
Considering learning Dutch.
Waiting for a miracle to happen:

  • An insight.
  • A purpose.
  • A decision.

Nothing happens.
Just waiting.
Will you be waiting forever?

What keeps you from learning Dutch?

  1. “I’m too old to learn”
  2. “I don’t feel the urge.”
  3. “I’m not gifted for languages.”
  4. “I don’t want to come across as immature.”
  5. “I’ll never be perfect.”
  6. “Studying is a waste of my precious time.”
  7. “Without a language buddy you can’t learn the language.”
  8. “Dutch is an inferior language. It has no economical importance.”
  9. “People are never patient when I try.”
  10. “My previous teachers were crappy.”
  11. “My future teachers will be crappy.”
  12. “Teachers can’t make it work for me.”
  13. “I don’t want to stand out.”
  14. “Dutch grammar is totally inconsistent.”
  15. “Dutch language classes are boring me to tears.”
  16. “The Dutch language lacks subtlety.”
  17. “It’s impossible to learn a second language to fluency.”
  18. “Textbooks are boring.”
  19. “Learning methods are outdated.”
  20. “There’s no such thing as Dutch literature.”
  21. Dutch sounds are impossible to learn.
  22. “The Dutch speak too fast. You can’t understand them.”
  23. “The Dutch speak with different accents. There are at least 7 r-sounds!”
  24. “Teachers don’t inspire me.”
  25. “Most people laugh at me when I try.”
  26. “Dutch has become a melting pot of too many languages.”
  27. “If language is a muscle that needs to be flexed, I’ll skip the gym.”
  28. “At home we speak my language.”
  29. “I’m too busy with other things.”
  30. At work everybody speaks English.
  31. “In stores everybody speaks English.”
  32. “There’s no such thing as Dutch cinema.”
  33. “The Dutch don’t mince words. I don’t want to become like-minded.”
  34. “I feel ignorant.”
  35. “Other things are more important than Dutch.”
  36. “I can’t choose the right language centre.”
  37. “There are many approaches to language learning. I can’t choose.”
  38. “After 5 years I’m still an absolute beginner.”
  39. 80 % of all human communication is non-verbal.
  40. “People will laugh at me. I would too.”
  41. “Immersed in Dutch, I’ll drown. For sure.”
  42. “There’s no musicality in Dutch.”
  43. “Dutch isn’t a sexy language.”
  44. “I’m a slow learner.”
  45. “There are only 23 million people worldwide who speak Dutch. Why would I care.”
  46. “Dutch is an inferior language: It lacks cultural significance.”
  47. “I don’t know what’s best for me: private tuition or group training.”
  48. “The Dutch language doesn’t expand my soul.”
  49. “The Dutch speak unpolished.”
  50. “The Dutch don’t care about their language. Why would I?”
  51. “I don’t want to expose myself to criticism.”
  52. “I want to be in charge.”
  53. “I don’t like routines.”
  54. “I can do it by myself.”
  55. “I’m dyslectic.”
  56. “I don’t understand grammar in my native language. Let alone in Dutch.”
  57. “I don’t want to start all over again.”
  58. “I’m too shy to join a group.”
  59. “I’m too bossy to join a group.”
  60. “Adults will never sound native.”
  61. “My boss won’t let me.”
  62. “Most of language acquisition comes from hearing. I can’t hear.”
  63. “I don’t do online learning. I’m a total digi-illiterate.”
  64. “I don’t know any online language learning tools.”
  65. “Online learning is for loners.”
  66. “Online learning is impersonal.”
  67. “I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not.”
  68. “I can’t t set my goals for language learning.”
  69. “I’m not ready for language learning.”
  70. “I don’t want to end up shaking another boring routine.”
  71. “I’m jealous of students who do so much better than I do.”
  72. “I have ADHD, can’t focus.”
  73. “There are no snackable courses for busy people.”
  74. “I’m too lazy. Aren’t we all?”
  75. “Language courses are yawn-inducing.”
  76. Tomorrow is another day.”
  77. “I don’t want to lose my native skills!”
  78. “I’m not sure if I want to stay here.”
  79. “There’s nothing in it for me.”
  80. “I don’t like Dutch.”
  81. “I don’t like the Dutch.”
  82. “I’m not curious.”
  83. “My native language defines who I am. I’m not going to change that.”
  84. “I want to learn Dutch with a friend.”
  85. “I don’t want to integrate. I get along with expats.”
  86. “Learning Dutch is like juggling: I don’t want to keep all the balls up in the air.”
  87. “I have a poor memory. How will I ever learn new words.”
  88. “I love my comfort zone. I don’t want to leave it.”
  89. “I have no antenna. I’ll never pick up the right signals.”
  90. “For me, Dutch isn’t the key to success.”
  91. “Learning Dutch is a bitter pill. I prefer candy.”
  92. “If languages are an invitation to a new world, I’d rather stay home.”
  93. “Trying to learn Dutch wears me out.”
  94. “The Dutch language doesn’t sound articulate.”
  95. “The Dutch don’t want to befriend expats.”
  96. “I won’t be able to keep up with other students.”
  97. My needs are too specific to be met.
  98. “I don’t want to disrupt teacher and co-students.”
  99. “I don’t want to show off.”
  100. “I already speak Dunglish. Why bother!”

P.S. Still there? No more excuses. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!

7 Comments on “100 excuses for not learning Dutch

  1. Thank you for the interesting article! I would add one more:
    101. Laziness is the first step towards efficiency!

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