Expand your world


  •  Do you ever feel embarrassed, not knowing how to say things in Dutch?
  •  Frustrated, when words come out wrong?
  •  Tired of making excuses to avoid learning Dutch?

You’re not the only one! Language learning takes time and effort. It’s convenient to rely on English with many people speaking it. But giving in to English you’ll miss out on opportunities to expand your world and settle into your new life.

Speaking Dutch opens doors. It adds color to your spectrum. It fuels your curiosity: what is it with Dutch directness, the aversion to hierarchy, the love for opinions? Through training you learn how to switch from one culture to another. You can do that too. Learn Dutch.


Today’s Dutch features


  • Dutch language courses for expats,
  • One-to-one tuition / tuition in groups,
  • In-company training / training on location,
  • Training vouchers for ad-hoc language support,
  • Blog posts to help you move on.

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