Engage your expats


  • Do you ever worry about failed assignments?
  • Unhappy employees?
  • Expatriate turnover?

Expats in the Netherlands deal with practical problems. Moving house, settling in, finding schools for the children. Being away from their loved ones, some feel agitated, isolated or depressed. Adjusting to the Dutch culture therefore becomes hard. To them it’s like playing a game, being the only one who hasn’t read the rulebook. They miss out and a the worst quit their jobs. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately expats don’t have to miss out. Speaking Dutch helps them connect. Gradually they’ll adopt local customs and blend in with the community. Dutch language courses

  • help expats settle into their new lives,
  • contribute to a payback on your expat investment.


Today’s Dutch features

  • Dutch language courses for expats.
  • One-to-one tuition / Tuition in groups.
  • In-company training / Training on location.
  • Language assessments.
  • Training vouchers for ad hoc language support.
  • Mid-term feed-back.
  • Advice.


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